Thank you for your interest in the Solar Buyback scheme. Unfortunately, we are unable to proceed with any more applications as we have already reached our quota of required acquisitions.


If you’re still interested in generating extra value from your solar PV system, you should consider adding a battery to your existing system.

Our Sunplug Battery proposition, created in partnership with EDF Energy, could reduce your electricity bills by storing excess solar energy during the day and discharging it when needed. Designed to enable homeowners to become more energy independent, Sunplug reduces your reliance on the National Grid and maximises the use of clean, renewable solar energy.

Sunplug Battery features a 3.3KWh battery and a high-quality inverter, and is therefore universally compatible with all solar PV systems. This means the solution is very simple to install and can be fitted to your home by a qualified electrician, with no adjustments to your existing solar PV system.

To find out more about Sunplug Battery, visit, call 0203 6677 995 or email